Friendswood Community Church

Friendswood Community Church

From Steven W. Shelby, Director, Business & Support Ministries:

“Upon review of the current project Sterling Structures is handling for Friendswood Community Church, I want to compliment you and the entire team for your excellent housekeeping and safety record.

I know it sounds strange to mention “housekeeping” in the same context as safety, but we believe they are inseparable. At either the end or the beginning of every day since Sterling began the project, the site is neat and organized for the next day. Every day that I am on the premises, your employees are wearing the appropriate safety equipment.

As an “employer” of Sterling Structures, these are important principles that we always consider in selecting a supplier. This being the second capital project we have done together speaks for itself.

Mike, thanks to you and Jay for your caring leadership and high values placed on your employee’s safetly. I hope to see you soon.”